MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 25 (UPI) – It wasn’t quite the warm welcome Brock Lesnar expected to receive Monday as he returned to his hometown of Minneapolis Monday on Raw to address Bill Goldberg.

Accompanied by his advocate Paul Heyman, The Beast stood mostly stone-faced as Heyman warned Goldberg not to get in the ring with Lesnar and noted how he is growing tired of the constant “Gold-berg! Gold-berg!” chants.

“Those chants are really starting to piss Brock Lesnar off,” Heyman said before the crowd at the Target Center would launch into dueling chants in favor of both Lesnar and Goldberg.

“Goldberg is gonna be like Humpty Dumpty because all of the chants in the world won’t be able to put Goldberg back together again when he is beaten, victimized, and conquered by my client,” he continued.

“I would advise those of you who are chanting the name of Goldberg to please refrain from doing so before my client takes matters into his own freaking hands.”

WWE then announced that Goldberg will return to Raw again next week to continue the competitors war of words before their eventful bout.

Goldberg had entered a WWE ring for the first time in 12 years last week where he accepted Lesnar’s challenge for a match. “I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I have one more [expletive]-kicking left in me.’ I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I have one bad-[expletive] spear left in me.’ Then I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I have one last devastating jackhammer in me,'” he said at the time, listing off his signature finishing moves.

“So, Brock Lesnar, not only does that mean that you’re next … but most importantly, it means, Brock Lesnar, you’re last!,” he continued.

The two behemoths previously collided at WrestleMania 20 in 2004 which ended with Goldberg’s hand raised in victory.

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