For the first time in this 18 months long campaign, Republican nominee Donald Trump said something that passed every fact check and actually resonated with members of both party and the electorate. Even Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren was left with nothing else to do but agree with Donald Trump.

After Trump said that Hillary is “a fighter,” Sen. Warren actually agreed with Trump — but with one important caveat.

She’s right. There’s nobody in campaigning for office in American politics today with Hillary Clinton’s intestinal fortitude, prepared to go toe-to-toe with a bully like Trump without breaking a sweat:

Frankly, it’s refreshing to see such a bipartisan consensus about any issue between those running for President, the electorate and high ranking members from both parties. Moreover, Trump’s factually accurate statement was ready for elaboration, and Senator Warren was ready to supply the background facts to expand on it:

Kudos to Warren for defending Hillary and calling out a playground bully like The Donald…


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