“If he believes this is locker room talk, how can we believe he’s sorry?” asks the ominous conclusion of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s newest post-debate video. In it, she chastises Republican nominee Donald Trump’s horrid debate performance and ridiculous attempt to defend his own vile remarks in 2005 in which he openly brags of sexual assaults against women.

“You describe kissing women without consent,” says moderator Anderson Cooper.

“I don’t think you understood what was said,” replied Trump, knowing full well that the entire world knows full well what was said as the infamous audio rolled with a clip of the Republican’s vulgar words.

“This was locker room talk,” is the only, piss-poor answer that Trump could muster last night.

“Grabbing their genitals,” asked Cooper.

The video below is further proof that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her team have displayed a new level of mastery in the presidential election’s political process that even President Obama’s formidable campaigns never reached. When it comes to shaping their ticket’s message going into the debates, they’ve excelled because Hillary and her video team are excellent at using Trump’s own words against him.

All Hillary Clinton’s team has had to do is produce a reality TV show starring Donald Trump as the bad guy, and it’s working. Just watch:

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