Aug. 3 (UPI) – Macklemore’s new Marmalade music video features several shots at New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The 5:08 minute music montage was released Wednesday on YouTube. The beginning of the video features a little boy stealing Macklemore’s Mercedes-Benz and picking up his friends for a ride.

The boys then go a store to buy jewelry, before driving to a football stadium. The kids walk through the stadium and open up a door, which reveals men deflating footballs. The boys then run into a locker room and steal a No. 12 jersey, from a locker reading: “Brady.” The stunt was an obvious reference to Brady’s Super Bowl jersey theft in February at NRG Stadium.

After leaving the stadium with Brady’s jersey, the boys drive to a house and knock on the door. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch opens the door.

“What’s up? Y’all got that?” Lynch asked the kids.

Lynch then lets the boys play in his backyard pool.

The Raiders’ running back hasn’t played in the NFL since the 2015 season, with the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch’s last game against the Patriots came on Feb. 1, 2015. That was the infamous game when Seahawks coach Pete Carroll decided to pass the ball from the one-yard line on second down, instead of handing off to Lynch. The Patriots’ Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson‘s pass, resulting in a Seahawks Super Bowl loss.

Macklemore was born in Kent, Wash., just south of downtown Seattle.

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