Derrick Rose was cleared by a federal jury on all counts Wednesday in a sexual assault trial in Los Angeles.

Rose was one of three men accused of assaulting a woman in 2013 while she was incapacitated on Aug. 27, 2013. Rose’s friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, were named in the case in which the alleged victim was referred to as Jane Doe in court records to protect her identity. Rose’s co-defendants were also cleared.

The victim sought $21 million in damages, including $15.5 million in punitive damages, but Rose refused a settlement before the trial began on Oct. 4.

Rose was in an open relationship with Doe for nearly two years.

In court documents, Doe alleged the defendants “drugged Plaintiff at Defendant’s residence, and, after Plaintiff’s friend helped her get home safely in a cab, Defendants trespassed in to Plaintiff’s apartment while Plaintiff was asleep and each sexually assaulted and raped her.”

Rose, 28, agreed there was a sexual encounter but claimed it was consensual.

The eight-person jury deliberated for three hours before reaching a verdict.

Because the alleged rape was reported two years after Doe claims the incident took place, a criminal case is still pending, complicated by the recent death of the lead investigator in the case.

Rose will return to the New York Knicks and head coach Jeff Hornacek said he would likely be in the starting lineup for the regular-season opener despite missing the majority of the preseason to attend the trial. He only briefly took the stand to corroborate portions of his deposition were accurate.

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