New York Mets manager Terry Collins will be back for the 2017 season, but he said Thursday it could be the final one of his career.

Collins said he will make a decision after the 2017 season based on his health and overall physical feeling.

“I just need to re-evaluate at the end of this coming year what’s going on, where I am, how I’m feeling,” Collins told “I’ve always said a lot of it will be dictated by how I’m feeling. This was a tough year.”

Collins is the oldest manager in baseball at age 67. He was hospitalized during a road stop in Milwaukee in June and said the overall effects of traveling are wearing him down.

“This travel is hard, especially with the late-night scheduling that is prevalent throughout baseball,” Collins said. “There are so many night games where you’re traveling after the game and getting into towns at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. And the next thing you know, if you ever have a day game pop up on you, it’s tough to do.”

The Mets lost in the National League wild-card game to the San Francisco Giants this season after losing to the Kansas City Royals in the World Series the previous year.

The team endured a slew of injuries with third baseman David Wright (back) and pitchers Matt Harvey (thoracic outlet syndrome), Jacob deGrom (elbow) and Steven Matz (elbow) being among the casualties.

“Last year was a little different dynamic,” Collins said. “We had that really, really powerful young pitching staff that was coming on right at the right time. This year, to have them disappear, I think what we accomplished with all the injuries really took some tremendous character on the players’ part and the coaches’ and everybody else.

“Getting to the World Series is really hard, as we all know, but from where we were in July to where we finished was pretty impressive.”

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