Republican nominee Donald Trump botched his third and final debate in real time by short selling America’s democratic process. However, that wasn’t his only miscue, who tried desperately to turn the debate into a Democratic attack ad — but George Takei responded perfectly:

Of course, that wasn’t all Takei had to say. Before becoming a global social media influencer and LGBT hero, George Takei became famous as swordfighter Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek.

So, when he tweeted about Hillary Clinton’s amazing fact check on Trump’s job killing purchases of dumped Chinese building materials, he sliced the Republican in half:

One of the reasons that George Takei is so politically active, is his own life experience as a Los Angeles-born American of Japanese immigrant parents. Takei was interred in a camp as a small boy and held by our government along with his family.

He’s experienced the worst of the worst in America, yet still believes in the American Dream. His unique experience has given him unique insight into what it means to be an American:

Takei hit the nail squarely on the head.

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