Donald Trump repeated one of this summer’s biggest lies at tonight’s presidential debate, and it drew a swift, cutting response by Gold Star father Khizr Khan. The record shows that Donald Trump supported Bush’s War in Iraq in 2002.

However, Trump just claimed that Captain Humayun_Khan would’ve lived under a President Trump because he supposedly wouldn’t have decided to send him to war. Khizir Khan sent a statement to Rachel Maddow, which was read live on MSNBC shortly after the debate, completely rebutting Donald Trump’s falsehoods and ending with this flawless response:

“The only thing that is the truth.”

It was so perfect, it made MSNBC’s cast members openly speculate if Donald Trump would re-ignite his feud via Twitter with the Khans at 2am from the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport.

Watch the entire statement and debate excerpt here:

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